Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saturday 3-5-11 Buttermilk Skinny Trail work

Good morning trail enthusiasts,

Queen knows that fat bottomed girls make the rockin’ world go round but what Freddie Mercury would have known if he rode a mountain bike is that some times fat tired fiends like a well placed skinny here and there. To that end Nathan, Mike, Will & Andrew along with the gracious help of you incredible volunteers will be installing a little TTF as an optional line on the newly reworked boardwalk this Saturday as well as doing a short re-route just past the boardwalk. If you’ve ever sat around and discussed how much cooler JRPS would be with a few more TTFs over beers with your friends this Saturday is your day to come out and help make those wishes come true. The meet up location will be at Reedy Creek again and just like last weekend the guys ask that you park at Reedy and walk or ride on the trail back towards the boardwalk to get to the work site. In case you’ve forgotten how to do that take a quick look at that info from last weeks email right here.

“If you can lend a hand to help us out please park in the Reedy Creek parking lot just off Riverside Drive and make your way East along the trail to the boardwalk. For those of us who are directionally challenged allow me to simplify; Park at Reedy Creek and walk along Buttermilk proper towards Belle Isle. That means cross Reedy Creek (up the little rock face) and head towards that climb that you still can’t make yet because it’s only February. Fear not though as you still have some training time before Xterra rolls into town.”

See you there,
The RaMORE Board

What: Buttermilk Proper boardwalk trail work part 2.

When: Saturday 3-5-11 starting at 9am ending..? Come out for as long as you like.

Where: Park in the Reedy Creek parking lot just off of Riverside Drive and head East (towards Belle Isle/22nd Street) on Buttermilk to the boardwalk.

Bring: Gloves, work boots or shoes, water or coffee (if that’s your thing), a small snack to keep the blood sugar in check and an open mind

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  1. I saw the layout of the skinny today... nothing like it anywhere in Richmond.