Thursday, March 10, 2011

How do you volunteer?

It’s no secret that you can do many things to help out your local park, trails or advocacy club. Donating time, labor or money seem to be the most popular ways but you can be creative. How about a trash pickup? How about taking some non cyclist or runner friends or children out for their first ride or run? Introducing anyone to a healthier lifestyle without being pushy isn’t a bad thing. Introducing people to the outdoors is a really good thing. Since we are mostly bikers and trail runners that form Richmond MORE I’d like to pass along this article about two other like minded individuals that do a lot for our trails especially if you enjoy the trails around Massanutten Mountain or in the George Washington National Forest.

DCR Virginia State Parks eNews
– “Check out the Park Volunteer Highlights”

Also did you know that this week is the National Bike Summit up in DC? I hope that you are following some of the news that is coming out of the summit and hope that you are as excited as we are about bicycle advocacy in Central Virginia and in the whole state as well.

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