Friday, December 3, 2010

12/4/10 Trail Work and info update

Greetings Fellow Trail Enthusiasts,

This Saturday 12-4-10 Nathan & the gang will be heading over to Belle Isle to help some fellow mountain bikers finish up a new TTF near the wooden access bridge on the backside of the island. A small group of dedicated mountain bikers have already spent the last several weekends dong the lions share of the work under the guidance of Nathan. Now we just need to come in and take care of moving some of the larger rocks into place and do some finishing work. The idea is to work from around 9am till about 1:30ish then pack up the tools and head over to Forest Hill Park to join in on the benefit for Wayne Goodman. In case you missed the info that we sent out about “A Day In The Park For Wayne” we will follow this email up with a quick reminder. Wayne has dedicated countless personal time and funding not to mention an un-measurable amount of time swinging an axe, tamping the trail tread and working a shovel to help us make the trails what they are today. Please drop by Shelter #2 in Forest Hill Park to show your support and help us give something back to a man who’s given us so much.

The meeting location will be at the “Lost Trail” trail head near the wooden access bridge at the back of Belle Isle at 9am. If you enter Belle Isle via the footbridge (that comes over from the Tredegar St. parking lot) just follow the paved pathway to the back side of the island and you will see the wooden access bridge. The entrance to the “Lost Trail” and the path to the new rock garden will be on your left as you approach the wooden bridge.

PS. While we have your attention we wanted to remind you that our friends over in Harrisonburg are still fighting hard to keep mountain bike access open to several incredible trails like the North Fork trail just across the West Virginia state line. Please take 2 minutes to visit this site and sign the petition then email our congressman and let him know that we ride trails and that we demand fair access.


The RaMORE board

When: Saturday 12-4-10 9am

Where: The easiest thing to do is park in the Tredegar street parking lot (the lot commonly used for Belle Isle/Browns Island events. Underneath the train tracks near Tredegar Iron Works) and cross the concrete footbridge to gain access to Belle Isle. Once on Belle Isle follow the paved pathway towards the back of the island to the wooden access bridge.

Bring: Same as always; gloves, comfortable shoes or work boots, water, a snack and a smile.

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