Thursday, April 22, 2010

Permit Needed to Ride on State Forest Trails

Cyclists Face Possible Misdemeanor Charges

Beginning January 1, 2010, a permit is required for cyclists to ride on VA State Forest trails. If a rider does not have the $16 permit, they face potential conviction of a Class IV misdemeanor. The permit may be purchased for online at of wherever hunting and fishing licenses are sold.

Please let your members know about this as soon as possible.

The permit is required for State Forests, NOT Va State Parks.

For a map of Virginia State Forests, see:

The program was put in place to raise revenue for the Division of Forestry. The VBF does not support this policy change and is working with the Forestry to monitor the program. The VA Bicycling Federation feels that criminal penalties are uncalled for and overly harsh and and we will work to have the criminal penalties removed by the General Assembly.

Please let your members know so they can avoid spending a day in court!

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Safe cycling,
Virginia Bicycling Federation

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