Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Massanutten New Trail & S.V.B.C. trail

With the snow finally melted and the locals in full on fat tire mode it’s time to really start thinking about some day trips to the mountains. While the George Washington National Forest and the Jefferson National Forest both offer hundreds of miles of incredible riding if you really want some burly technical riding there is no better area than Massanutten Mountain.

If you are unfamiliar with Massanutten take a quick peek at this great video that was produced by efforts from Shenandoah Mountain Touring, The Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and The Shendoah Bicycle Company. This trail is one of the many great trails on private Massanutten Resort Property and you must obtain an annual pass to ride it but fear not the pass is easy to obtain and the trails are more than worth it. Check out the video then I will offer some more info.

There are two ways to obtain an annual pass so that you can ride on this trail and many other great Massanutten trails.

#1 Become a member of the S.V.B.C.(if you are not already) and make a $50 donation towards the trail. The money will be used in maintaining the Massanutten trails and building more incredible trails like this one. And fear not, your S.V.B.C. money will be used wisely. These guys and gals have been doing incredible things for bicycle advocacy for far longer than I’ve been riding a bike.

#2 If you are a more hands on kind of person keep an eye on the S.V.B.C. website for Massanutten trail work days. Show up and work not stand around chatting, sorry fellas the sewing circle at the union didn’t build a trail this sweet, it takes some sweat equity. Just 3 days of trail work (roughly 8-10 hours) and a membership to the S.V.B.C. will net you an annual pass and some incredible trail building knowledge as well as potentially some new friends. (Quick note: Most trail work takes place on Thursday’s throughout the months of March-June starting at 5pm with various meeting locations depending on where the work site is to be.)

More info about Massanutten trail work can be found here. Also, you can get the scoop by calling the Shenandoah Bicycle Company at 540-437-9000.

Get involved and get riding. You will be glad that you did.

Editor’s Note: I personally plan on making a few Thursday day trips out to Massanutten to do some rides on the northern end of the mountain range in the morning then meet up with the trail work crew for some evening trail work. For fellow Richmonders this would be a great way to car pool out, take a mental health day from work to get in some great riding and some great trail work. I will try to post the trip dates as I can make the plans but if you would like more info please email me via the “about me” section of the blog. Also don’t forget the amazing and challenging Massanutten Hoo Hah race will be here before you know it.

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