Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Christmas Light tour ride information.

Greetings fellow Mountain Bikers,

I wanted to send you a quick update with some info regarding the “Even Tackier Fat Tire Light Tour.”

I just got home from a pre-trip around the grand tour’s route. There are still a few patches of ice here and there and a few sheets of ice on some of the neighborhood streets but for the most part the route is 98% clear. So we are definitely still game on for the ride.

Here are a few last minute details and some reminders for the forgetful types such as myself.

The ride will leave the parking lot in front of 3-Sports/7-11/Pleasants Hardware at 6:30pm. This will be the start & finish of the ride. The address is:
3 Sports
445 North Ridge Road
Richmond, VA 23229

You will need a quality headlight/helmet light (no Walmart or Dicks AA battery powered gimmicks please) and an illuminated or blinking rear red tail light. This is required by state law for cycling on the road at night. If you don’t have these items I suggest you stop at your favorite local bike shop on the way to the meet up location. I would also suggest that if you own reflective clothing wear it. Richmond drivers are terrible drivers to begin with, toss is those last minute holiday shoppers, the folks that can’t drive in snow and a few other factors and you could have a problem. We will do our best to keep you safe out there tonight but we ask that you do your part with common sense.

The temps are still looking to be in the 33F to 29F degree range so dress appropriately. Don’t forget the roads will feel a bit colder than the trails at those temps due to wind.

We (RaMORE) won’t be providing any food or drink on the ride so be sure to bring something to drink and a power bar or something of the like if you want food on the ride. We expect the duration of the ride to be between 90 minutes upwards of 2 hours. There will be at least one mid point bail out if you need it.

Please be sure that your bike is in working order and there is at least a little bit of air in the tires BEFORE you line up to start the ride.

I’m sure I’ve forgot something but that should get you there and spinning the pedals.

See you guys and girls tonight.

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