Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good news from New Belgium

Good news from the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins Colorado!

That’s right any news from New Belgium is usually good news. Our friends in PA at Dirt Rag already have this story covered so take a look.

So what’s so exciting about a Pale Lager in a can? Well friend, cans make a great container to assist in transporting your libations into the woods. Maybe you’d like a beer at the summit of your ride to celebrate having just spent the last two hours climbing in your granny ring up the side of that mountain or maybe you will decide to take your sweetheart on a nice hike that involves a picnic and beer at a romantic scenic view or maybe you just want to chug a 6 or 4 pack before you race your friends down the trail in some kind of drunken dirt crit. The choices are endless.

Speaking of New Belgium, don’t forget that Richmond will host the New Belgium Urban Assault Ride on March 25th 2012 so if you haven’t already be sure to mark your calendars. It’s going to be a blast. If you have some time to spare RaMORE is still looking for a few volunteers to help us with the event. (Please use this link to register to volunteer.

And last but certainly not least now that you are thinking about beer, bikes and the mountains please join us and many of our friends on Super Bowl Sunday for the longest running annual mountain bike ride in the state. The Super Bowl Sunday Ride. Like a fine wine it’s approaching 30 years of age and just keeps on getting better. You can take a peak here to see all of the hard work that the folks of the S.V.B.C. have been doing recently to get the S.B.S. trails in primo condition for this ride. If you make it out to Briery Branch on Super Sunday please be sure to thank those guys and offer up a beer.

Have a great weekend

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