Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Bowl Ride quickie and Saturday Morning Trail work

Greeting Fellow Trail Enthusiasts,

We saw a lot of familiar faces at the top of Flagpole Knob on Super Bowl Sunday and it was great to see all of you guys and girls as well as other friends from several other bike & trail advocacy groups from all over the state. CAMBC and SVBC were both well represented. Speaking of the SVBC one of the crew (Kyle maybe) was able to snap this great photo of the group rolling through one of the many beautiful low traffic roads just south of Harrisonburg.

A fellow RaMORE member snapped this photo of a part of the group up at the top of Flagpole Knob.

An adventurous group of local riders decided to lengthen the traditional ride route by a few miles and rode up to Reddish Knob managing to snap a nice little memento before a fun descent down Timber Ridge & Wolf Ridge.

Ok, enough bragging about a great ride. We wanted to let you know about the trail work that is happening this Saturday.

Saturday 2-12-11 we will continue trail work on Belle Isle but this weekend we will be working on the top of the island not on the new connector trail. Nathan plans to have a city vehicle parked just past the access bridge that I’m sure you are all familiar with by now. The plan is to meet up by the vehicle at 9am then head up to the top of the island to the work site with tools in hand to start work. The weather is supposed to be another nice weekend again and we sure hope to see your smiling faces there. If you want to show up fashionably late just head up to the top of the island and listen for the crew.

Thanks for your time,
The RaMORE board

When: 2-12-11 Saturday @ 9am

Where: The easiest thing to do is park in the Tredegar street parking lot (the lot commonly used for Belle Isle/Browns Island events. Underneath the train tracks near Tredegar Iron Works) and cross the concrete footbridge to gain access to Belle Isle. Once on Belle Isle follow the paved pathway towards the back of the island to the wooden access bridge. You can also park on 21st St. and ride your bike over to come in the back side.

Bring: Same as always; gloves, comfortable shoes or work boots, water, a snack and a smile.

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