Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Sweco is here.

Well friends the dice tumbled and we hit a win. The Sweco arrived Monday and the boys got right to work Tuesday. As of Wednesday evening Nathan, “BigWorm” & Mike were basically a day up on the project. The workload was looking like (4) 10-hour days but the boys think they will have it finished in 3 days thanks in large part to the talent behind the blade who goes by the name “Big Worm” and the gratuitous efforts of all of you wonderful volunteers who came out in to help out in a big way. If not for your efforts the trail corridor would not have been ready and things would not be what they are.

Thank You all of you.

You can check out a few more pictures of the Sweco work in progress thanks to Greg Rollins behind the camera lens. Take a look here.

To quote Nathan from our monthly RaMORE meeting tonight “As soon as the Sweco work is done we can start the “FUN” part.” I will get into a bit of that in our next post. Nathan, {& Mike & Big Worm} who by the way pulled a 10 hour day of trail work then braved West End rush hour traffic to give his insight during the meeting tonight and provide us with an update on the Sweco work will be hard at it again for another 10 hour day tomorrow. Talk about dedication! There is a good reason that I envy the passion that these guys bring to the table. Thanks guys.

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  1. That's awesome news! I'm glad to see the trails in FHP getting some much needed TLC.